Memorial Wall

The memorial walls at St Alban’s, Eastbourne are a sacred place for remembering.

Niches in the wall are intended for those involved or connected with St Alban’s and their families. Requests from others may be referred to the Vicar and Churchwardens for a decision at their discretion.

Niches may be purchased when someone has died, or may be reserved in advance for future use.

Contact the parish office if you are interested in purchasing or reserving a niche. 

The parish office also arranges the plaques for the memorial wall and meets with families to discuss the details of the plaque, wording etc.

When a plaque has been made, and when a family is ready for the interment of ashes, the Vicar liaises with the family to arrange a mutually suitable time to meet at the memorial wall for a short ceremony to inter the ashes and bless the plaque. Families are welcome to invite guests to gather for this ceremony.